Florida Primary Results

Results (SPS prediction in parentheses)

1. The Mechanical Rombot… 771,842…. 46.4 (+1.4)

2. Pompous Incendiary Fathead… 531,294… 31.9 (+3.9)

3. “Santorum” Santorum… 222,248… 13.4 (+0.6)

4. The Revolutionary Conservative… 116,776… 7.0 (-4)

This map says a lot. Romney essentially took the areas that are most metropolitan and generally liberal or moderate. This map, if painted blue and red, would closely resemble an overachieving Democrat beating anout of touch far-right winger. This primary is truly pathetic. All pandering, so many lies, and no vision. If this country were left to these candidates to guide the nation, you may as well move to India because that is the type of economy they envision: a race to the bottom and gross economic inequity.


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