Sixth Party System’s Florida Primary Predictions

Praise Jesus! I swear, this guy will be the face of the Evangelical Right in the Republican Party once his playing career is over. Hopefully he will make for a less insidious politician than the current Evangelical hate mongers. I do not even know if he will reside in Florida again, but people will remember him…

Oh wait, is this about Tebow or the primary?

I guess the latter.

Here are the predictions:

1. Mittbot… 45%

2. Fathead… 28%

3. Santorum… 14%

4.  Nostradamus Paul… 11%

The only caveat I might add is that Paul is very popular among college students and there are a lot of colleges in Florida. The thing is, do they participate in the Republican primary? Hopefully Nate Silver will have an exit poll consortium that sheds light on this cleavage. If college voters really turnout, Paul could get up 17%.


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