Amity Shlaes

Amity, you are more similar to Newt Gingrich than just based on ideology.

You both distort history  (knowing better) to fit contemporary political dynamics. And I am not talking about simple allusions or analogies.

This opportunism is intellectually disingenuous, and your friend Newt Gingrich does it all the time on the History Channel.

You remind me of Alvin Felzenberg; you have a good eye for history, but distort it to fit your personal bias. Now I am not claiming that there is a definitive objective perspective, but there are degrees of bias, and you Amity and Newt, you two do this all the time

As someone with both an avid interest in American history and American politics, I find this skew disgraceful and unworthy of being widely disseminated on cable (either C-SPAN or the History Channel).

I will say there were moments watching The Contenders on Wendall Willkie when I was not appalled at your analysis. Luckily, Jim Madison was there to provide both counterpoint and in general a more even-keeled historical view.


(P.S. Amity, if your upcoming book on Coolidge claims he is a great president I would not be surprised? Hey I know you think the New Deal failed, but who do you think caused it? Could it be Harding, Coolidge, and to a lesser extent (for causing the Great Depression not responding to the Great Depression) Hoover. Economic inequity hit its peak in 1928 and thus a depression. Rich people have less risk in wielding large sums of money than everyday people who live check to check. Anyway, Coolidge is our 27th best president (out of 42, because Cleveland is counted once and Obama is not included). Harding is our 40th best president, ahead of only James Buchanan (42)and George W. Bush(41), but barely behind Franklin Pierce (39). Hoover is 36th.


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