Climate Change: The Wrong Debate… Still

Climate change was introduced into the sphere of public problems almost 10 years ago, yet not only has legislation to create a carbon tax failed, but the overall narrative and debate on the issue has been completely wrong. Is climate change a natural process, or is it man made? My response to this question is: it does not matter. The fact is, either way we have to deal with the undeniable facts that weather is becoming more extreme, affecting more area, and sea levels are rising. Who cares if we created it. A carbon tax is simply a good idea because it contributes to business innovation by forcing them to develop new systems to adapt to the rules of the game, as set by the government. (There is a reason business does not set its own standards.) Extreme weather and sea levels rising will continue to increase, displacing more and more people along the way. We, as a global community, are not effectively adapting to the changes that are occurring in our environment.

We need to adapt to environmental change and our debate on the issue should be about the best way to go about doing it. That is where difference of opinion could prove valuable and is better suited. But bickering over whodunit is advancing our collective civilization nowhere, while more and more natural disasters strike unassuming communities.


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