CPAC: A day at the… where are we?


-Jimmy Carter destroyed our economy; she worked on his behalf when he ran in 1976…

-Claimed FDR had elastic view of constitution, Coolidge saw it better; in reality, FDR cleaned up the mess the three laissez-faire Republicans left from the 1920s (Harding, Coolidge, Hoover, though he is least culpable for the economy going down hill. He just handled it poorly)

-Claimed she wouldn’t write Obama a 2.3 trillion dollar check, meaning raising the debt ceiling; again, in reality, the debt ceiling needed to be raised for past debts that accrue interests, as well as ongoing spending that had nothing to do with Obama


-She claimed the only opportunity to repeal “Obamacare” is by defeating Obama in 2012 and gaining a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate. She is correct, but it will not be repealed.


-“campaign and blame” referring to all Obama seems to do. Mitt, you are talking about yourself. Since 2007, you have not stopped campaigning. Additionally, all you do is complain about Obama being European, which does not come across as authentic jingoism or racism; Mitt, you will never be conservative enough to win true conservatives over. Run as the innovative Republican, and you may win. But you won’t, because you are pandering and playing it safe.

-“you have to be legal to get that” referring to in-state tuition for undocumented students… like Perry’s position is really the left alternative; both are forms of denying financial assistance to good students who happen to be of a different culture than “white people.”


-Massachusetts was the first state to have a universal health care insurance program. With Democratic legislature, he was able to tame their initiative. What if Romney used this as his chief accomplishment? How different everything would be. Romney would be bragging that Obama and the Democratic Congress modeled their federal overhaul on his state. He would instantly be the innovative Republican

———————–>Thinks the federal courts are liberal<———————

Perennial Egotistical Characterless Gluttonous  Demagogue:

-“Be with me, not just for me… [and buy my book in a few minutes]”

-He always has to give a history lesson. Yes, you know history, however, you sabotage your narrative when you distort history to perfectly fit your current views. America has changed, but you have not.

-“Not an American administration”–take note Mitt, this is what authentic jingoism sounds like. Do I smell a hint of racism?

-“Best Food Stamp president in America history. I want to be the greatest paycheck president in American history.” Vainglorious, sir.

-“Kill jobs, the Obama model, or create jobs, the Reagan model.” You are more attached to Reagan than the two speakers ahead of you, and they both poll much better than you. Maybe something needs to change?

-Wow, you just plugged your wife’s book, your most recent book, and a movie the two of you just made. Newt, you are now officially a Televangelist. But instead of peddling Christianity, you are peddling American Exceptionalism.

The Rational Actor?:

-“[Nondescript Chinese], just kidding” Huntsman’s opening line. Funny man.

-“We decided to adopt a chinese girl” This guy is killing it on the comedy routine. He thinks CPAC values this?

-NO WAY! HUNTSMAN JUST SAID HE IS THE ONLY CANDIDATE TO UNEQUIVOCALLY ENDORSE THE RYAN PLAN! This makes me believe he is following the Romney strategy that panders instead of playing to one’s strengths.

-“[I’m not giving you an] academic sermon.” Exactly what Gingrich did before Huntsman took the stage.

-“‘We must bring into the tent moderate Republicans, independents, and conservative Democrats.” And liberal Republicans for good measure.

————–Best speech thus far. It differentiated himself from the field well————-

“President Obama in 2008 won by offering false hope,” this might be the most fucked up insult of the night. He gave you a wonderful job you ungrateful panderer.

~CPAC, how out of touch you are~


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