The Bachmann/Perry Split Foretells Obama v. Romney Matchup

The fringe of the Republican-conservative-Tea Party-libertarian-arnacho-fascist electorate has achieved a great milestone. In Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann, the ever radicalized right-wing electorate has attracted two of the most pathetic conservative presidential candidates in American history. Both Bachmann and Perry are pron to verbal confusion and the flubbing of facts to suit their narratives, regardless of broad consensus interpretation on the subject. Jon Huntsman is good guy who undertands how to accomplish modern day problems with a conservative bend. Though I am not a conservative, I can see how someone like Huntsman could effectively govern; I do not retain this assessment for Bachmann or Perry. Romney will now win-out smoothly. Iowa will be split, something like:

Romney 27%

Bachmann 24%

Perry 21%

Paul 19%

Gingrich, Cain, Huntsman, Santorum 2-3% each

New Hampshire will easily go for Romney, with about 58% of the vote.

South Carolina will still go with Bachmannm then Perry, then Cain, then Romney. Paul’s message is not jingoistic enough for SC.

From there Romney will cost. California should be interesting, as California libertarians outnumber California conservatives in the electorate, but are historically timid in Republican primaries. If Gary Johnson or Ron Paul are able to win the state on Super Tuesday, it could shift the entire landscape. Romney should do fairly well in California, though he was trounced by McCain in 2008 (not exactly the strongest candidate).


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