“Fuck Newt Gingrich ~~~ Who Will Be the 4th Wife?”

Clinton had oral sex with a White House intern, while Speaker Gingrich committed adultery and divorced his second wife on her mom’s 84th birthday. One led a prosecutorial attack at the other, while they both committed the same transgression. Very hypocritical, as partisan politics is often.

Don’t they look happy! It all started when… He married his high school geometry teacher, then cheated on her with a good political wife (opportunism knocks). The man is a fat white conservative intellectual legend!

Why do the sane candidates (Gary Johnson, John Huntsman, to some degree Ron Paul) get such a small amount of the support? Newt gets about what his name is worth (8% max), since he is too lazy to campaign properly and is more content writing books and making money. I am anxious to see how he polls in the Republican primary in Georgia, because the current congressional delegation is very much in his mold.

My personal gripe with Gingrich is his intentional distortion of history to fit his ideology. He knows the events of American history fairly well, but he changes the narrative to often justify contemporary actions and situations. The History Channel gives him a forum for him to spread his mistruths and plug his capital venture, selling his book. He always cherry picks events as good or bad based on their acceptability.


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    pot pie

  2. fuck newt

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