Rick Perry: Too Soon for the 3rd G.W. Bush Term?

"Hiyah, I can haz third term"

Here are some similarities between George W. Bush and Rick Perry:

-Both were cheerleaders; one at Yale, one at Texas A&M.

-Both were Texas Governors from the West that relied heavily on jingoism and Texas Nationalism.

-Both executed people of mentally disabled status, and executed prisoners in lieu of DNA evidence that may have changed the court ruling.

-Both enjoy the same recreational and cultural activities, such as farming, cowboying, and drinking beer.

-Both were in the air force, though Perry earned his rank more than Bushy.

-Born-agains… how convenient.

-Both were C students; Perry had a 2.2, Bush had a 2.3.

-Both love to be the less prestigious minded choice of candidates.

-Both have the innate ability to create convoluted and misstated responses to serious problems. (Watching Perry on TV creates vivid flashbacks to the Bush era bubbling around)

"Look at me Rick, I'm president, damnit"


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