The Dilusions of Military Leadership

In a press conference Wednesday following the deaths of 30 troops in Afghanistan over the weekend when their Chinook helicopter was shot out of the sky, General Allen claimed it is important not to take this as a sign of how the war has been progressing and that the insurgents are in their thralls. Do military leaders ever actually report the perilous situation on the ground or do they always, unequivocally have to make it seem like every military engagement this war-like nation enters is successful. Just like the Pentagon will never willingly cut their budget, military leaders will never say a thing to indicate the fallibility of their tactics and our military force. The Taliban will be in Afghanistan long after we leave, and yet we continue to lose troops and build an Afghan army that costs more to operate than Afghanistan’s entire GDP. All this makes you wonder who has control over American policy? Are they even elected? Do we know who calls the shots? Either we have weak and/or corrupt leaders or we have a shadow government that runs things; neither possibility is good…


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