Lies, Lies, and…. More Lies (On All Sides)

During the floor debate for Speaker Boehner’s last ditch “Cut, Cap and Balance 3.0” (S. 627), Rep. Camp claimed the “the national debt will double under President Obama’s time in office, up to over 23 trillion dollars by 2023”. The thing is, even if Obama is reelected, he will only be in office until 2017. That would require another president to escalate the debt for 4 years. Disingenuous arguments may prevail on both sides, as Donna Edwards said this bill will end Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, but these convoluted back-and-forths only serve to confuse viewers and make Americans more cynical about government. This political environment is utterly toxic. Atlas may shrug at big government, but we all shrug watching c-span.

On the Senate side, you have opportunistic Senators like Joe Manchin vacillating back and forth saying we can’t raise taxes, but people need to pay their fair share, while simultaneously saying we need to cut spending, but can’t touch medicare or social security. I have watched this man since Robert Byrd’s death and he is truly an opportunist. He always paints himself as a problem solver, while not proposing legislation or orchestrating negotiations. He always talks about how everyone created this problem, but of course he has not. It is always the blame game with him and nothing is ever good enough. He said he could not support the Reid or Boehner plans, but then said they both get us closer to where we need to be. Manchin will switch parties while in the Senate within the next 5 years, that is unless the Democrats maintain uninterrupted control; that is, because he is an opportunist.

An interesting idea for anyone out there is to calculate exactly how many of the 535 congressman you actually like. And beyond that, how many have integrity? How many propose effective legislation? Where do these fields converge? I have done my own calculations and may post them soon, but it is substantially less than the number of congressman who give good soundbites.


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