David Wu Resigns

The announcement that David Wu is resigning from congress to protect “the well-being of [his] children” from the sexual allegations against him (yes, if you ever get in trouble as a politician, please, use your children as a shield) follows a long series of weird stories about Wu. Considering his erratic behavior in the past election, which involved taking too many oxycodone (who doesn’t do that?) and wearing a wonderful tiger costume (seen below), this seemed like an impending event. Once the eighteen year old daughter of one of his staffers called his office to claim he forced himself on her, it was all over. Though I have found his floor speeches during the Bush administration fairly comical, he has never propelled great legislation forward and has sided with conservatives on wasteful bills, such as Medicare part D (which was a wasteful giveaway to the pharmaceutical industry and created the donut hole by not going far enough). This move will ensure the district remains Democratic, with Brad Avakian probably taking the seat. For all his uniqueness, the Sixth Party System wishes David Wu well, protecting his children from sexual allegations while simultaneously scaring them in his tiger costume!


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