Cut, Cap and Spend

Gridlock--it only requires one stubborn party in divided government

Watching C-SPAN during work today I noticed a trend on the Republican side of the aisle. Republican after Republican talked specifically about their grand kids, by name, to make the point that they will face unbearable debt. Aside from the obvious short sided hypocrisy, it just seems very disingenuous to use your grandchildren as the cover to create a 2/3 mandate to raise taxes.

Also, there is something wholly fallacious with the “we need balance our budget the way American families balance their budget” argument. As John Garamendi pointed out in the well of the House, families have credit cards, mortgages, student loans and other forms of borrowing. A 3 to 1 cut-to-tax ratio acknowledges the mandate the Republicans received in 2010, but their refusal to budge an inch is making “the perfect the enemy of the good.” Of course the current manifestation of the Republicans view any compromise as betraying their ideals. In this form of government, with separated powers and a bicameral, equal powered legislature, perfect idealism invokes gridlock and overly extreme shocks to the electorate.


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