Benjamin Netanyahu: The Perfect GOP Candidate for President?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to congress today was a stirring and rousing display of Netanyahu’s comfort with the American audience. The countless (really 29) bipartisan standing ovations he received are more than most president’s receive in their State of the Union address. He reasserted his will over the potential peace process by restating his unwillingness to return to the pre-67 boundaries, and furthermore his absolute refusal to negotiate with the “Israeli version of al-Qaeda,” Hamas. Congressional leadership fell over themselves to compliment, and show support for, Netanyahu. He did photo ops with prominent Republicans, especially Majority Leader Cantor. Nothing like the Evangelical right, lone Jewish Republican in congress, and the Israeli PM to form a perfect union.

With the weak Republican field to face Obama, it would seem the most popular conservative in Washington these days in Netanyahu. He went to MIT and has many monied connections in America to mount a campaign. Too bad for Art. I Sec. III of the Constitution.

As much as this is a pervasive joke by those who propose it, he would be a very strong candidate in both the Iowa caucuses and in a general election. His contentiousness with Obama would give him plenty of campaign fodder to rally the anti-Obama looney tunes. It would definitely be an interesting race…


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